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3 Parenting Tips For Single Moms

Being a single parent can present a lot of challenges, but when you love your children as much as you do, you’re willing to make sacrifices for them. Of course, not having a partner around to share the load with you can often make it feel like you’re putting in double duty. Single moms and dads aren’t always thanked as often as they should be, and sometimes their own needs fall to the wayside. 

That being said, being a single mom can also be very rewarding, especially as your children grow older and you get to build meaningful relationships with them. But if you feel like you’re struggling and could use a little advice, you’re certainly not alone. Here are 3 helpful parenting tips for single moms. 

Make Time For Yourself

This one is easier said than done because with so many responsibilities at home, it can be tough to find the time in your schedule for a little self-care. However, you should make this a priority because if you take care of yourself first you’ll actually be able to be more present and take better care of your children. 

Find a babysitter or ask a family member to hang out with your kids while you take a hot bath, apply skincare, and do your nails. You may be surprised how much better a simple act can make you feel. Being a parent is a 24/7 job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take breaks. You deserve them, after all!

Build A Community

Raising a child takes a village, as they say. Building a strong and healthy community of people you love and trust to be around your children is a great tip for any parent, but especially those who are single. Make friends with other moms who have children around the same age as yours, and this way you can trade off having play dates at your home and theirs. 

You can also ask them for advice whenever you encounter a new issue with your kids, and share carpool responsibilities which will save you time and money. 

Mutually beneficial relationships such as these are lifesavers for single parents. If you have family close by, it’s also a wonderful idea to allow them to spend time with your kids as much as possible. This way your kids will get to gain different perspectives on all kinds of things, and it will take some of the stress of parenting off of you. 

Be Careful With Dating

Of course, you deserve to be happy, and if dating or seeking a new long-term partner is something that you’d enjoy, you should absolutely do it. The dating world can be a little intimidating, though, especially for someone who has not indulged in their love life in a while. If you feel nervous exploring this part of your life and are open-minded about the mysteries of the stars, you can get an astrological reading from the likes of J Cainer ( or similar experts to get an understanding of what’s in store for you. If not, you can explore the dating pool on your own as well.

When you have kids though, it can get a little tricky. Make sure that when you go out on a date with someone new or have them over, you get a babysitter. This way you won’t be bringing anyone around your children until you know you can trust them. Also, keep in mind that young kids don’t understand breakups and they can be traumatic for them, so try to minimize the amount that you tell them about your love life. 

Being a single mom isn’t easy, but it’s so rewarding in the end. Hang in there, and hopefully these tips can help you out! 

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