3 Outdoor Home Improvement Projects to Take on With Your Family This Year

There are few things in life better at bringing a family together than taking on a new and exciting project. The time you spend with one another and the determination to work toward a common goal are great for creating lasting memories and strong familial bonds. However, picking the right project can be tricky, especially if you have kids with wide age ranges. To make settling in on the perfect project a little easier, here are three outdoor home improvement projects to take on with your family that everyone can enjoy.


Rolling in the Dirt

If you have kids who love getting dirty, creating a garden or flower bed could be the perfect project for your family. Not only will this give them the chance to play around in the dirt and mud, but it will also help to improve the look of your property while also potentially saving you some money if you’re able to grow your own vegetables or herbs.

To ensure each member of your family enjoys the gardening experience, KidsGardening.org recommends for parents to make sure they have gardening tools that are the right size for your kids. Trying to dig a hole with a shovel taller than they are won’t really make your kids want to jump into the gardening spirit. But if you’re able to have the right equipment and the right attitude, creating a beautiful flower garden or vegetation bed could be a great project for your family to take on this year.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Finding something that is both fun and necessary is always a perk when picking a project for your family to do. So if you’ve noticed that the exterior paint of your home is looking a little lack luster, you may want to enlist your troops to help put up a fresh coat of paint outside. Keep in mind that this would generally only be a good idea if you have kids old enough to really help and not just make a mess. Otherwise, you’re probably safer going with professionals for home painting.

However, you can still complete a painting project with your younger kids by painting something smaller like your mailbox. When working with kids and paint, TPHBlog.com reminds parents to make sure you’re okay with your child—and potentially their painting space—getting pretty messy. It’s also a good idea to have designated painting clothes to ensure everyone’s able to enjoy the experience without fear of repercussions.  

Playing with Fire

Another outdoor home improvement project your family might enjoy is putting together a firepit. While you’ll likely need a little muscle to put the materials together, even your younger kids can help with finding the perfect spot—so long as it’s at least 10 feet away from any structure, according to HGTV—or helping to decide what colors to use for the materials. And once the project is complete, you know everyone will enjoy the finished product while roasting marshmallows and keeping toasty warm together.

If you’re looking for a way to do something as a family that will bring you together while simultaneously improving your living situation, consider one of the outdoor home improvement options mentioned above. You won’t regret the time you get to spend with your family working on a project or the final outcome of any of the above choices for home improvement.

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