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3 Online Escapes for Overworked Mums

If you’re a parent, nobody needs to tell you that it’s a 24-hour, thankless task that somehow manages to deplete that last reserve-energy stockpile you didn’t even know you had. This is particularly true in the case of raising an infant or a couple or more toddlers, but growing kids can be just as unforgiving on your patience. They find creative ways to test your love for them; a love which ultimately always prevails, of course.

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The biggest stress-inducing factor mums have to put up with is not being able to do some of the things they’d previously become accustomed to doing. If you previously relieved stress by hitting the casino for a couple of hours, the fact that your darlings are safely tucked-away sleeping probably still isn’t enough to encourage you to take a few hours away for yourself. If you loved to pop over to your neighbour a few blocks away, for a nice cup of tea and a chat, perhaps even having a live-in nanny still isn’t quite enough to free you for a couple of hours or so. The same goes for maybe popping out to the movies. You somehow manage to make yourself feel guilty for leaving your children’s side.

Fortunately though, you’re a new age mum living in a new age world where just about everything in existence has its cyberspace equivalent. Here are three ways you can do all of the three favourite mum-relaxation activities online I touched on, without having to leave your kids’ side and without feeling guilty:

Remember that movie problem of yours? Well, it’s now solved. Netflix is a great platform you can use to watch movies that will help you de-stress without having to venture too far away from your children. Movies and television series on demand mean that you can keep an eye on your darlings while incrementally relieving your mummy-stress right in the comfort of your own home. If you’re not sure what to watch, check out a website like Flixboss for some inspiration. You’ll soon be addicted to a new series!

Online slots games

That casino calling which you could previously not answer is now also solved with Slots Heaven. Like Netflix, you can bring the entire experience into your own home, except with this site which is an online slots and casino that is very close to the real thing. The games they have on offer, which you can play, even in practice mode and win real money, leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to their realism. You are literally just taking the casino experience and making it live on through your internet connected device. It’ll be just like escaping to a real casino for a few hours, except without having to make the physical journey.

Like Netflix, you’ve probably heard of Skype, but perhaps up until now you didn’t think about using Skype to organise hangouts with your friends and enjoy your periodic cup of tea as if you’re right there with them. You don’t even need to download the app or desktop software version of it. You can use the browser version via

Clearly the simplest of internet solutions which have probably been right under your nose all this time have the inherent ability to help you deal with the everyday stresses of being a parent by serving as the ultimate window into a world you long to stay connected to.

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