3 Natural Alternatives To Medicating

n all the world, the number one thing that has always been needed among every civilization is medicine. There has always been and will always be a need for the medical field. However, several hundred peoples medicated their populations with the nature that lived around them.

Some were quacks and the placebo effect took over, but most knew at least a little about what they were doing and had a hold of remedies that still work today. So, why then do we buy into big pharmacy when, for a lot of ailments, we can grow the remedy in our backyard or order it from wherever it does grow? Below are three ways to medicate without drugs.

Linden Flower Tea

One of the first signs of trouble, especially in our little ones, is a fever. They start to get lethargic and cranky and just don’t feel the best. Acetaminophen is a long time trusted remedy for this situation, but used too often or in the case of an overdose, you can cause considerable, sometimes irreversible, damage to your liver.

The next time you or one of your family members runs a fever, try linden flower tea. It works by waking up the functions of your hypothalamus and opening up those blood vessels. However, if after a day of sipping on about 3 to 4 cups of tea you are still running a fever, check with your primary care physician. For temperatures above 102 degrees, start with a tepid bath and then sit down with a cup of linden flower tea.


Suffering from type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol? Find some alma. Alma are Indian gooseberries. They have been used for various medical conditions over hundreds of years. Everything from respiratory illness to cancer. However, there are two scientifically documented uses for this tasty fruit.

One of the things alma is famous for is keeping fat from settling in the liver. This is key to keeping cholesterol within an acceptable range. Alma is proven to reduce all aspects of cholesterol, including triglycerides and LDL levels, the two culprits known for contributing greatly to heart disease.

Alma also is great for lowering blood glucose. Studies showed that 3 grams a day helped lower blood glucose levels better than the most common prescription medication.

Faux Hot Toddy

This will not be news to many mothers and grandmothers. Hot toddies are a cold remedy from back in the day of many American and English families. However, most frown upon giving a traditional hot toddy to a child these days.

So, here is the remedy without the shot of brandy. Take a lemon half and drop it in a cup, add boiling water and a teaspoon, or more if you like, of raw honey. Raw honey is known for its immune boosting capabilities and its ability to coat a sore throat.

Take a few deep breaths of the hot, humid, vapors and sip on the rest. For those of us that would like the added heat and a little help resting, don’t hesitate to add that shot of brandy.

These remedies are all natural and proven by science and time tested to work, but in the end, always refer to your primary care physician for more dramatic matters or it these solutions are not offering the relief you need.

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