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10 super ways for moms to make money from home

 If you are a stay at home mother and would like to add some cash to the monthly household income, then you should definitely consider one of the following options.

Have another child

Children are very expensive, but we are not saying that you should more of your own. You could look after someone else’s child or children while they are at work or you could consider babysitting for people in the evenings. Even though it may be time consuming, you will be able to charge a pretty fee for your services. There are many ways to advertise, but word of mouth is one of the best, so do a good job and you will never be without work.

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Use your talents

If you are good at something, do not keep it to yourself –share it! Figure out how much you can charge for teaching others how to do what you love to do. If you are good at baking, piano or maths for instance, you can advertise that you offer classes and people will be more than willing to learn a new craft and actually pay you for it. Tell your friends to spread the word for you or advertise in the local paper.

Look after people’s pets

Do you love animals? If so, why not offer to look after your neighbor’s cats or dogs while they are away? You can even charge people to walk their dogs on a regular basis. Animal lovers will appreciate the fact that there is someone who they can trust to look after their pets.

Make the most of your computer

Your home computer does not only have to be for watching movies or playing games on. You can make a decent amount of money doing a variety of different jobs online or offline. You can do copywriting, be a virtual assistant, become an essay writer , bookkeeping, blogging and editing among other things. Just be sure that you do your homework on the companies that you choose to work for, as there are many scams out there.

Home parties

If you have lots of friends who love to shop, then you could try out hosting parties where you can present your products to people in a comfortable and relaxing environment. People talk and if your products are good and inexpensive, the word will spread and you will have people flocking to your home on a regular basis. It is fun way to make money and to meet new people.

Make and sell things

If you like making things and being creative, then you have the opportunity to make a nice amount of cash from selling the goods that you create. You could knit small items of clothes, bags and scarves to sell, especially in the winter time. Make and decorate picture frames or make Christmas decorations for a profit. There is no limit to what you are capable of doing!

Maximize your expertise

If you are trained in a certain field, you can add your CV to a number of online expert directory services. You can make a lot of cash by becoming an expert witness for legal cases and other things. You can make $150 per hour for just appearing in court or reviewing documents – think about that!

Deliver newspapers

If you have a car, you can make some good pocket change before the rest of the family wakes up. Although delivering the paper in the morning may not be as much as appearing in court, it is still a way to make that much needed extra cash.

Take part in focus groups

Again, your computer can make you money! Look around online for companies who pay you to participate in focus groups. Put your name on the list, and sit back and wait for them to call you. Even though it is not a steady source of income, you will make $50 – $100 for simply answering some questions when they do select you to take part.

Do your real job at home

If you are not enjoying the travelling in and out every day, then you should work from home. There may be a way for you to continue being employed, but actually working from home. Speak to your boss before you decide to just quit. There may be a chance that you can do your current job in the comfort of your own home. They might actually be happy that you are making this suggestion, because they will no longer need to provide you with office space.

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