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Are Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Really Worth it?

It may not seem like it to an inexperienced eye, but cocktails actually take a lot of experience and knowledge to make. If just one measurement is off, a classic drink can taste horrid. When a bartender puts together a cocktail, they have to know what they’re doing to ensure that the customer gets what they’re asking for; they also ... Read More »

Raising Children: The Importance of Parenting Styles

If you are a parent, you will know how complex and difficult raising children is. Parenting is a tough job and calls for a planned approach. Parenting is the style that you use as a parent to bring up your children. There is no doubt that the environment at home has an impact on bringing up children. But environment alone ... Read More »

Surprising Benefits And Uses Of Cannabinoid Edibles

Health Benefits Associated with Edible Cannabis Cannabis has many potentially medicinal properties and has been used throughout history to treat a variety of ailments. Edible cannabis products are commonly used to treat many other conditions, such as digestive and neurological disorders, for which high-quality research is lacking. While clinical trials support the use of cannabis for chronic pain, researchers agree ... Read More »

3 Eating Habits to Pass Onto Your Kids

As parents, it’s our job to pass on healthy habits to our kids. After all, if they don’t learn it from us, then who are they going to learn it from? Most obese adults developed unhealthy eating habits as early as 3 years old. For this reason, it’s imperative that parents set a good example as early on as possible.  ... Read More »

4 Tips For Balancing Your Small Business and Your Family

When we have children, we make the commitment to care for something and make it our top priority over all else. However, the same can be said for a business. There’s so much that goes into starting one, that it can become like another child. From financing your business to developing your marketing strategy to finding and retaining customers, there’s ... Read More »

Buying a home for your family

There are lots of things to consider when buying a home but there is even more to bear in mind when you have little ones to think about. Not only will you have to consider schools, colleges and catchment areas, you have to think about ensuring everyone has enough space while still sticking to your budget. This isn’t always the ... Read More »

3 Ways To Encourage A Love Of Music In Kids

If you yourself have a love of music, it only makes sense that you’d want to encourage a love of music for your kids as well. However, having music forced upon them, especially when it comes to learning how to play a musical instrument, may not prove to be the best way to go about this. Rather, you should try ... Read More »

Soon-To-Be Dads: How to Help

If you and your partner have just received the great news that you are expecting an addition to your family, first of all, congrats! However, once the initial glee passes, you will soon realize that plenty is expected of you as a dad-to-be. Just because you are not the one carrying the little one for nine months, it doesn’t mean ... Read More »

How to sleep comfortably while pregnant

  While it is exciting and enthralling to have another (little) human enter our lives, it is equally taxing. Being a new parent comes with a price & that starts with sleep deprivation. By now, you must have tossed and turned a million times and yet couldn’t have the luxury of continuous sleep.   An adequate amount of sleep is ... Read More »