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Get Creative With Your Little Ones This Christmas

In these days of Playstation 4s and toy adverts that start as early as August, it isn’t always easy to teach children that Christmas is about spending time with each other and not just the presents under the tree. The Christmas break is the ideal opportunity to spend some family time with your little ones, and these simple foodie ideas ... Read More »

Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life

Christmas gift buying gets harder every year. Some people are easy to buy for because they have strong opinions about what they want and can be very forthcoming when asked what they would like. Others (men in particular) can be far more reticent and deciphering the grunts and mutters you get in reply to your questions can sometimes be hard. ... Read More »

Top Tips For Cruise Holidays With Kids

There is one key tip about the best way to enjoy a cruise holiday with kids, and it’s a secret that seasoned family cruise-goers know very well: Have fun, because the worry and stress that comes with so many holidays with the children in tow simply does not exist here! The planning has been done for you; you are safely ... Read More »

Choosing a family car

It’s never been the most glamorous automotive sector, but family cars have to cope with a lot of demands. Adults, children and pets all have very different requirements. It can be very difficult to work out which vehicle will best meet the needs of your family in terms of practicality, reliability, comfort, safety and budget. Consider the following points before ... Read More »

Treat the Family to a Media Room this Christmas

These days, teenagers and the ‘big’ kids in the family are after technology. Their Christmas lists are probably full of the latest games consoles and gadgets, and these types of gifts don’t come cheap. If you’re hoping to keep each family member happy without spending a fortune on each individual member you do have another option, creating a family media ... Read More »

Do Men and Women Think Differently

On average, men are about 15% bigger than women, a physical difference that sets the two sexes apart visually, but there are other physical differences between the sexes that set them apart mentally too! It’s no secret that men and women often think differently, thanks to the hard wiring of the circuits inside our brain. The human brain is divided ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide To Your Baby’s Sleeping Pattern

Nothing is more complicated than a baby’s sleep pattern. It often takes several months for them to learn how to sleep like an adult. So, as paediatrician Marie Thirion points out; it is best to be patient… 0 – 2 months: The Big Sleep A newborn baby keeps the good habits of its life in utero (in the womb): sleeping ... Read More »

How To Make Sock Puppets With The Kids

Keeping the kids entertained is hardly ever easy, but something that they nearly always enjoy is taking part in different kinds of arts and crafts. On a rainy day when you and your child are bored, instead of making cakes and contributing to the rise in childhood obesity, why not make a cute, handy sock puppet instead? Not only will ... Read More »