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Getting the best education for your child in London

First steps in educating your child begins when you look for schools and curriculums offered in the country you live in. If you are relocating to London, your top concern will be the quality of education your child receives. Some of the best schools in London are oversubscribed and they do not need to advertise for pupils. There are also many other schools which offer excellent education and a supportive environment for the child. When relocating to London, you should choose the school based on the district you live in. Transportation can consume a lot of time, hence it is important to choose a school which is in your district.

Do your homework

In order to get your child in the best school, you need to begin with shortlisting the schools that are in your district and are open for admissions. Focus on schools which have a strong parent involvement and a good head teacher. Connect with the parents whose children are studying in the school and learn about the methods of teaching. Visit the school campus a couple of times in order to ensure that the environment is safe and educational.

Would you choose home education?

Home education is when a child is educated at home instead of school. It is perfectly acceptable in the UK to educate your child at home and you do not require the qualification of a teacher to do so. If your child is really young, you can opt for home education until the age of five and then look for schools for further education. Some people know from an early stage that they want to home educate their child and they begin teaching at the early stage itself.

State, Independent or International?

There are many outstanding schools in London. Depending on what you want your child to be educated in, you can choose the school. London has schools that offer British, American, French, German and International Baccalaureate.  State schools require you to be a resident in London when applying for a place. Charterhouse Square School is a private school in London which is acclaimed for the excellent academic standard and child friendly environment.

Navigate the schools application and admission process

Once you have decided on the school you want to enroll your child in, you need to learn more about the application process, fee structure and the admission procedure. Some schools have an entrance examination that will decide on the application. Depending on the age of the child and the year you are applying for, the entrance test will be carried out.

Charterhouse Square School is located in the heart of London and has a reputation of one of the best senior schools in London.

Getting good education in London is easy, mainly due to the numerous schools across London. Getting an admission in the school could be a tedious and long process due to the high standards of admission and education maintained by the schools.

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