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How to choose a secondary school for your child?

Secondary education in UK ranges for 11 year olds to 16 year olds. In the broad range of 11 to 16, the students will study subjects like Math, Music, Science and English. Secondary schools provide an in-depth understanding of the subject and ensure that the student is aware about the deeper aspects of the same. At this stage, the student can determine what interests them and can also decide if they would like to pursue the subject for higher education.

Choice of subjects

Most schools offer English, Math and Science to the students in secondary school. Although the students have studied the subject since preprimary, they will study the same in depth here and will develop an understanding of the peculiarities of the subject. Students can select an additional of 4 to 5 subjects of their choice and choose a foreign language to study if it interests them. Independent schools are more driven towards results and offer a wider range of subject options. The grades that the student earns in secondary school will have an impact on their admission for the further courses and Universities in the UK.

International Baccalaureate

If the student is studying an International Baccalaureate, then the choice of subjects will be widely different as compared to the other curriculums. They will be able to choose less number of subjects and have a wide choice of subjects as well. Parents need to consider the learning ability of their child when admitting them into a secondary school. Most secondary schools have an entrance examination for the admission process.

Some students go to a preparatory school in order to prepare for the secondary schools. This decision totally depends on the parents and the child. It is important to not put too much pressure on the child in terms of grades and performance. Every child will perform up to their ability and will already be facing competition from peers. Schools decide the admission criteria and it totally depends on them if they want to admit your child or not.

Admission procedure

Different academic institutions have different procedure for admission of the students. Firstly, the institution should have empty seats in order to enroll the student. If the seats are empty, you can fill the application form and apply for a seat. The admission procedure will begin thereafter. North Bridge House School is a group of five schools located in North London. It offers education from nursery to senior school, you can admit a child aged 2.5 in the nursery and they can be a part of the institution until they turn 18. The school is known for excellent curriculum and the lesser number of students in each class. You can find all the details about the school here.

The admission procedure of the school involves requesting a prospectus and booking a visit before the application is made. The fee structure depends on the class you seek admission in, all the details regarding the same are available here.

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