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A Guide To Dressing & Styling Your Kids

As kids get older, they will want to start expressing their personality through their clothing choices. This is a natural progression and should be encouraged. It’s hard to step back and let your child experiment; you may feel that others are judging you for the interesting choice of garments your son or daughter is wearing. You may find it difficult ... Read More »

Capturing energy for a greener future

In the resource-depleted future, how might we capture and utilise the energy available to us? What ingenious ideas and inventions might we put to use to feed and shelter the people of our growing worlds? Here are some of the wild and wacky ideas to be proposed. The concept of the Dyson Sphere, developed by physicist Freeman Dyson, came about ... Read More »

The Truth About Coping with Infertility

As you can imagine, coping with infertility is very, very hard. Research has proven that the stress that infertility has on a woman is similar to the stress that illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and chronic pain cause. You’ll often find yourself feeling overwhelmed, on an emotional rollercoaster and coping with the financial and emotional side effects of infertility treatment. ... Read More »

Secrets To Getting Your Kids To Finish Their Homework

When it comes to your kids, achieving some form of enthusiasm for homework is usually very difficult. After a long day at school, children rejoice at the sound of the final bell, as this means they can come home and forget about learning for a few hours. Unfortunately, if you want your kids to stand the best chance of success ... Read More »

Educate your children to get safe online

When you are a parent, safety is a big issue when it comes to your family members and particularly your children.  Keeping safe online is therefore a topic that is close to every parent’s heart, no matter what age their children are.   So whether you have little ones, middle sizes ones or verging-on-teenager sized ones, internet safety and your ... Read More »