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Contemporary Living While Maintaining the Comforts of Home

For all the progressive styling it offers, contemporary living can have you feeling like a hotel guest in your own home — the type of high-end hotel suite guest who’s afraid to touch anything because you’re scared to break things. If you’re afraid to touch anything in your own home because of the suggestive nature of the contemporary styling you ... Read More »

What Gambling Teaches About Spending Your Time Wisely

I often find myself wondering whether the entertainment people engage in is exactly that — entertainment because a lot of the time it really doesn’t look like people are having fun when they’re engaged in what they like to call entertainment. I mean go to a party and granted, there are some people who appear to be really having the ... Read More »

Three Reasons To Get Sober For Your Family

Getting sober, no matter what you’re addicted to, isn’t always an easy task. Recovery takes steps and time, but it is worth it for the benefits it brings to your life and your family life. Recovery starts with understanding that you have a problem and then getting the help that you need in order to overcome. Read More »

What to Buy When Shopping for Your Baby

Going shopping for a baby seems like a no-brainer until you actually have to go out and pick out items you think baby needs in their life. This is true whether you’re shopping for your own baby or if you’re shopping for someone else close to you who’s expecting a bundle of joy or already has a baby. When it ... Read More »

Natural Parenting: Birth Practices, Babywearing, And Beyond

Among new parents today, attachment parenting is on the rise and it’s especially popular among parents who favor other natural birth and childcare practices. But what is attachment parenting and why does it work? Attachment parenting is founded on principles that emphasize a highly responsive relationship between parents and children. Children parenting in this way feel secure in their relationships ... Read More »

3 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

When the weather’s nice, nothing beats heading out to the park with your kids to romp around in the grass, soar high on the swings, and enjoy a nice picnic lunch before heading back home for a nap. But when the weather’s not favorable, it can seem like a real struggle to find ways to keep your kids occupied and ... Read More »

Why Moving Your Family To Hawaii is a Great Parenting Move

While most people would love to pick up and move to Hawaii, the sheer logistics of a move of that magnitude to an island in the middle of the South Pacific stops many people from making the commitment. When you’re raising a young family, it’s also challenging to unplug your kids from all they have going on around them like ... Read More »